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Wish I had happy news for August…

The News for August…. Is not the happiest news. This month’s blog is a quick one to fill you all in on the new developments. So let’s get right to it. — Montreal, it seems our time is coming to an end much earlier than planned… So. I’m going to try to be as brief […]


This week…

For those of you in Toronto don’t forget my prebook discount ends June 18th. So if you’d like to see me, or arrange a duo with myself and the delectable @WildeAspen send me a message ASAP so you don’t miss out. For those of you in Montreal you can see me this week! June 6: […]


June’s Post. A Little Early

Progress! Slowly but surely my new incall space is coming together. I’m in the midst of decorating and moving chaos so I’ll continue using the current space for a little bit longer. But by mid summer I’ll finally be hosting in my very own space again. A Triumphant Return… Toronto based, and/or Toronto visiting- Lovers! […]

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