Wish I had happy news for August…

The News for August….
Is not the happiest news. This month’s blog is a quick one to fill you all in on the new developments. So let’s get right to it.

Montreal, it seems our time is coming to an end much earlier than planned…
So. I’m going to try to be as brief as possible. Those of you who have been getting my Newsletter since last year may remember that I was supposed to be taking some time off early this year due to some health issues. Well, thanks to the state of our healthcare system that time off was delayed and delayed. It was a stressful time of doctor’s appointments and trying to get ready to move. When March 1st came around I had little choice but to hope that tests came back negative and I could simply carry on with my plans to start school and enjoy my time in Montreal.

Sadly, one of the tests was a biopsy. And even sadder, that biopsy came back positive. I want to stress that I’m fine. I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. And this has in no way affected my ability to provide the same quality and consistency of experience that I always have.

But it does mean that surgery is in my near future. But before that can happen. And after months of trying to come up with the best plan for me. It’s become clear that the only even haflway decent option is for me to return to Ontario.

I can’t express how sad I am about this decision. I really thought I was on a road to fulfilling my own wildest fantasies of an Art History BFA and a career working with, talking about, and looking at, art. This is still my plan. It just has to be pushed back while I deal with this new development. I may apply to schools in Toronto. Or try again next year in Montreal. But at this point, the fastest and easiest way to put this behind me is to go home.

So. I will be leaving the beginning of September. I’ll be traveling back to Montreal as often as I can. And will be available in Toronto soon after I get back. But sadly, my time living in Montreal is coming to (a hopefully temporary) end at the end of this month.

As I mentioned. I’m really feeling fine. Thankfully things were caught early and are being dealt with as quickly as possible. I’m feeling really good and ask that you save the concern for someone in need. I’m just happy that things will be taken care of. If not totally sad that I won’t be able to stay in my new home and join the ranks of all the rest of the anglos taking advantage of Montreal’s abundance of academia.

And I want to say thank you to all the wonderful folks who have made my time here so lovely. I really fell in love with Montreal and will be back as soon as I can make the trip.

August Schedule:
Check out my availability for August here: http://carly-black.com/escort/schedule/


This week…

For those of you in Toronto don’t forget my prebook discount ends June 18th. So if you’d like to see me, or arrange a duo with myself and the delectable @WildeAspen send me a message ASAP so you don’t miss out.

For those of you in Montreal you can see me this week!

June 6: 9am-11pm
June 8: 9am-11pm
June 9: 12pm-7pm
June 10: 12pm-7pm

And not for a little bit of bad news. I’ll just be totally blunt. I’m raising my rates. (sad trombone) But. It’s not a huge increase and it really only applies to folks I have not met who want to make same day bookings.

The increase doesn’t happen until June 19th. Not a lot of notice I know. My apologies. But it’s only a small increase.

So here’s the schpeal: Encounters booked on the same day will be going up $20. Encounters booked with at least 24 hours notice will stay the same. If you’ve a (verifiable) member of any boards or we’ve already gotten to know each other then you won’t be affected by this change.

So. New rates for same day encounters will look like this:

1h: 300
90 min: 400
2h: 500
3h: 700

Outcalls are the same, + $50 for outcalls within Montreal and + $100 for the airport or outside Montreal.

If we haven’t met yet then you should arrange an encounter before the 19th so you aren’t affected by this change.

A rather cliche photo, but one which I hadn't tried yet.  Taken from Snake Island late on a Friday night.

TORONTOOOOO LOOK OUT! I’m coming back in June. 3 (maybe 4) days only!








Don’t forget Toronto! I’ll be back in June for a limited time. Send me a message today to prebook and don’t miss the reduced rates.

Toronto Rates (book before June 18th)

1 hr: 300

90 min: 400

2 hr: 500

3 hr: 600

For bookings made after June 18th:

1 hr: 350

90 min: 450

2 hr: 550

3 hr 650

My Toronto Schedule:

6/20: 9am-11pm

6/21: 9am-5pm

6/22: 12pm-11pm

6/23: (tentative) 8am-11am


June’s Post. A Little Early


Slowly but surely my new incall space is coming together. I’m in the midst of decorating and moving chaos so I’ll continue using the current space for a little bit longer. But by mid summer I’ll finally be hosting in my very own space again.


A Triumphant Return…

Toronto based, and/or Toronto visiting- Lovers! Great news!!

I’m heading home for a few days in June and would love to see as many of you wonderful folks as time will permit! I miss you! I can’t wait to see you! I have only 3 days so let’s make the most of it!

I’ll be in town June 20-23, staying at a lovely hotel downtown, or course. It’s going to be jam-packed few days of catching up with friends and soaking up some Toronto summer fun so please prebook asap. I don’t have a ton of time available so don’t miss me. I’m not sure when I’ll be back next. So message me today!

My Toronto Availability (this is as of this very moment and may change as my activities and catching up gets finalized. Really. I mean it. Arrange asap or miss me until next time):

June 20: 9am-11pm

June 21: 9am-5pm

June 22: 12pm-11pm

June 23: (tentative) 8am-11am

I can’t wait to get back to TO and see you!


Again with the scheduling changes…

Ok, so we’re changing it up a little once again. Until the next change these are the times we can get together here in Montreal:

Mondays: 9am-11pm

Tuesdays: 9am-11pm

Wesnesdays: 9am-11pm

Thursdays: 9am-1pm

Fridays: 9am-1pm

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.35.43 PM (1)

Hello my Loves!

Just a quick little note today. I’ve been so busy lately I almost forgot to write a little hello to all of you


I’m still settled into my life as a resident of Montreal. I’m enjoying this city so much, getting acquainted with this new love is taking up all of my free time. Learning french, finding my way around, meeting new people and new Lovers. It’s been a crazy couple of months. And school! Well. All of my free time is consumed with so much. It’s lovely!

I haven’t forgotten about you though. I’m still taking bookings as often as I can and am still working (verrrry slowly) on keeping my Members Only site update and full of fun sexy stuff. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s still only $40 for a year of membership. Quite a deal to get a much more intimate look at me and all my sexy exploits.

Members have the chance to do all kinds of sexy things. From watching my naughty videos, to live online sessions via Skype (If you’re unable to come and see me IRL) to purchasing my lightly used lingerie or even shoes, to requesting custom videos. The possibilities are endless! Head on over to the VIP section to learn how to become a Very Intimate Paramour. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Since my schedule has gotten so crazy these days I’ve been doing things a little differently. I am available for same day bookings (though I can’t always guarantee we’ll have access to the incall space. I highly recommend you try planning ahead. Just because I have the time doesn’t mean I have the space) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I can take bookings on Thursdays and Fridays if I have the availability. But I can not offer same day bookings on these days. If you want to end your week with a- mind blowing encounter with yours truly, you will have to plan in advance. I am only available for prebooked encounters on these days.

So, if you’re in Montreal and would like to make a booking I highly recommend you head over to the Contact Me page here on my website and send me an email. It only takes a few seconds and it will guarantee we can spend some time together. Schedules permitting of course.

That’s about all I have to tell you today Lovers. I hope this chilly early May is finding you all well and indulging at every opportunity!


Happy Monday All!


Carly <3


A little note for my Lovers

Happy Spring My Lovers!

Or, if you live in Canada, happy supposed to be spring but instead it’s unseasonably cold and terrible. :-/

Hope everyone is having a good April so far. I apologize for the delay with this note. It’s been a hectic few weeks here in my new city and the day I planned to get this done I was struck with a migraine from hell. It happens unfortunately.

I want to remind anyone not in Montreal that I am happy to travel schedule permitting. But it’a not very polite to assume I’ll come to you for just a few hours and then get offended when I inform you that to do so I will require the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations. If I happen to be touring in your town, then I will have already covered these things. But a special trip just for you does require a special tribute just for me (and the airline and hotel of course).

So you’ve probably noticed scheduling has changed once again. For the time being I’ll be posting a little differently.

So please keep this in mind when contacting me to set something up.

Monday: Same day bookings available

Tuesday: Same day bookings available

Wedneday: Same day bookings available

Thursday: Prebookings only

Friday: Prebookings only


At the moment I won’t be available on the weekends because I do need some me time. So please take a look and see if I’m available before messaging me about short notice bookings.


There are some new pics up in my Gallery for you all to enjoy. I hope you like them as much as I do! I can’t wait to share the rest with you all. So stay tuned for more coming your way over the next couple weeks.




Montreal I’m in You!

I can’t help myself what can I say?


I’m here! I’m Queer! I’m ready to rock your world! (What? I love travel friends, I may be feeling a little extra geek at the moment)

Many of you are asking how long I’ll be here. At this point I don’t really know. I’m here until at least March 31st. I may extend for another month or 2. I may move here permanently (Quite possibly, if I get into school in Mtl I’ll be handing over my smug Torontonian badge for at least 4 years. So exciting!)

For now my Lovers I can guarantee I will be here until March 31st. Which means you have a little less than 4 weeks to get to know me. That’s a nice amount 0f time to get know me. But it also means that you shouldn’t wait to get in touch. Sending an email sooner rather than later means we have as much time as possible to get naughty.

Just a quick note to those possible Montreal lovers: I screen. duh duh dunnnnn…..


I’m getting the impression that folks in this neck of the woods aren’t super keen on the whole need to screen. I get it. I really do. I know I don’t need to reassure you that you can trust me with this info. Or that it gets removed the second your approved for sexy times. But I did.

And I *will* tell you that it’s the best way to make me wanna do very bad things to you. It takes less than a minute to email me with your screening info. I promise it’s quick and easy and painless. And oh yeah did I happen to mention it guarantees you sexy times? I hope I didn’t forget to mention that….


So please be kind and send all the required info with your first message and we could even get together that very same day! (Ok, as long as I have at least 3 hours to get myself all perfect for you)

Here is my schedule for next week:

3/7: 9am-12pm

3/8: 9am-12pm

3/10: 9am-12pm

3/11: 9am-12pm

Or, if you’re into planning ahead check out this month’s schedule here


I look forward to getting to know you Montreal. Send me a message asap and let’s play.




It’s Finally February!

Hello Lovers!

February is finally here and I can not tell you how excited I am!

At the end of this month I will be leaving Toronto for an as yet undetermined amount of time. If all goes according to plan however, I will be starting a BFA program that will keep me out of Toronto for at least 4 years. If things don’t exactly go according to plan I will be travelling for a few months and settle in somewhere, probably the same city as the school I have applied to. (I have applied to some schools in Toronto but they are second and third choice schools and I really want to not. Go to my second and/or third choice school)

I know it’s kind of ridiculous to have to keep things a secret and announce them at the last minute like this but sadly this is the only way I can think of to keep my privacy and security. I’m done with this crap. I’m sure you are too. I am not able to completely block my online presence so the best I can do is remind everyone that 1, I’m done hiding and being bullied and 2, just a friendly reminder, please, don’t discuss me with anyone.

So. I am headed to Montreal on March 1st for at least a couple months. I hope to do some travelling around Canada, and maybe even find some time to take a nice long vacation as opposed to escaping for a few days or a week here and there. I am SOOO looking forward to getting away from the drama and over saturation in Toronto and cannot wait to meet some new friends and lovers.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am happier about this new chapter, and more enthusiastic about all the things to come than I have been for a long time. Sex Work is amazing but it can’t be the only thing. A new city, a new school, a new community all sound so wonderful right now! I can barely even begin to convey my feelings through the limiting and stunted blog format (I think a massive multi-media installation could come close maybe).

I hope you will all find some time to come and say goodbye. I’ve had a great time living and working in Toronto. And being ready to move upward and onward, doesn’t diminish how much I will miss all the wonderful people who have touched my life. One has to take the good with the bad sometimes, there is so much good that I’m going to miss more than I can express. I hope all you wonderful people know just how much I have appreciated all the intimacy, chemistry, connections, hot dirty mind blowing passion, stimulating conversation and great belly laughs.




A true original, with a crappy computer….

The One and Only Carly Black this week….

Hello Lovers,

Experience a completely unique, thoroughly intoxicating, and disarmingly charming Courtesan before I’m gone for good!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to stay as updated as I like Lovers, it’s hard to do all the things I need to do with my current computer situation. My ol’ potato is in the shop getting repaired and will be home in time to send out February’s big important Newsletter. And make some updates to my VIP section and maybe even have some new pictures for you all to enjoy! But for the next week or so, check out my schedule, and contribute to my ‘New MacBook Fund’ by scheduling a date with the one and only, Me!

The countdown continues as most of you know! But for anyone who hasn’t heard yet, I’m only in Toronto for 5 more weeks. I’ll be leaving the city of my birth February 29th (Aren’t you lucky we have an extra day this year!) and I may be back one day, but that day (hopefully) won’t come for another 4 years or so.

My time in Toronto is limited so send me a message soon. Your new addiction is only an email away..

01/18: 9am-11pm
01/19: 9am-11pm
01/21: 9am-11pm
01/22: 9am-11pm

1H: $300
1.5H: $400
2H: $500
3H: $700

If we’ve never met before it’s exxxtremely sexy if you use this link to send me a message. http://carly-black.com/escort/contact-me/


The Blog I Hoped I’d Never Have To Write

To anyone who has had to deal with this, I am sorry.

It has come to this. And I hope this will be the end.

There is a woman in Toronto who has been stalking and slandering me for over 2 years now. This person and I dated for a short time, and had a terrible relationship filled with emotional abuse that I ended in April 2014 because I could not take any more of it. Because of that, I have not been able to live my life free from her harassment for over 2.5 years and it. Ends. Now.

I have only spoken vaguely about this twice before as I believed this kind of drama should not take place in such a public setting. It should not take place at all. But at least hide it? And I still refuse to actually ‘out’ another SP (her current lie is that I did in fact out her on Fetlife. I haven’t had a Fetlife account for over 2.5 years) so I will not use her name. It is not hard to figure out who this person is.

This person has terrorized me emotionally for years, has made up lies to alienate me from the SP community in Toronto, has encouraged her clients to stalk and threaten and even assault me (The man who assaulted me goes by Andy Quest on the boards, he is dangerous. Stay away. He is on as many Bad Date Lists as possible). I still receive threatening messages from someone with a distinctly ‘Quebecois’ way of writing English, and I am constantly being stalked on Twitter. At least 3 different people have told me in the last 6 weeks that she messaged them out of the blue, after seeing us doing nothing more than talking on Twitter. This woman will not even let me make meaningless ‘Twitter friends’. She is extremely mentally ill and is not harassing only me. This behaviour has started to be directed at others as well.

I am telling you all this for 3 reasons. The first reason is, there is no way to make her stop. The police will not help me and ignoring her only allows her to continue (We ALL need to stop telling victims to ‘just ignore’ their abusers. That’s part of the reason why abusers continue to abuse). My life is suffering because of this very unstable person. And I am not the last person she will victimize. By not speaking up she feels like she has won. But clearly, there is no winner in this mess. And if she does not get help she will continue to spiral out of control and take other people down with her. Someone help her.

But, and this is reason number 2, please help me as well. Help me by ending any conversation that starts about me. Remind people that this community needs everybody’s privacy intact or we run much greater risk than just being slandered. Please do not listen to anyone who ever brings up my name unless they also say ‘We offer duos’. The only reason another SP would bring up a different SP in an encounter is to gossip. Don’t. Talk. About. Other. SP’s. (See the image above) Ever. And please question why someone would DM you within seconds of Tweeting @me to tell you a story. I hope that those of you who have had this experience are savvy enough to understand that behaviour is clearly not about creating a safe environment. And that their are only destructive motivations behind it.

The third and final reason I am telling you this is to apologize. This has gone on for far too long. And there are far too many people who have been sucked in. And for that I am truly sorry. I am sorry you have been lied to, I am sorry you have been put in dangerous positions (How many SP’s has Andy Quest seen? Anyone of them could have been assaulted) and I am sorry that you had to waste your time today reading more of this garbage. No one should have to be pawns in some little girls drama and games. The Toronto Sex Working Community is not her personal ‘Burn Book’ and I am sorry she has treated it as such. We all deserve better. I. Am. Sorry.

And I’m mostly sorry that this is not ever going to end until someone gets some very long term and much needed medical help. That’s the reality of mental health issues to begin with. If they don’t get dealt with they get completely out of control. Well. I don’t live a life that’s out of my control. By sharing the truth I get a little bit more of my control back. By sharing the truth I am taking action against the emotional destruction she has left me with.

I know that this blog will only bring more attention and retaliation from this person. But this needed to be addressed. And by voicing it I can move on.

My new life, very far from her, starts in 46 days and I will not be dragging this mess behind me. The albatross, as it were, has been removed and tossed away like the rest of the baggage that one carried for no reason other than it drags us down. I have many great things ahead of me and we all should move on and never look back.

That being said, this is honestly a serious safety issue and she has targeted other women. As I said, I will not post her name publicly, but if you have been victimized, or have some more evidence of what she has been doing, or, you’ve had your own experiences and just need someone to talk to, please send me an email at mailcarlyblack2@gmail.com

I do not want other people to suffer as I have. And I might be leaving this petty and sociopathic mess behind me, but I still appreciate anything that helps me take legal action if she continues to escalate as she has been recently.

Once again, I am sorry it has come to this. Hopefully I will never have to think about this, or her, ever again.