Belvedere escorts on quality over quantity


I have dated escorts all over London, and in other places as well. To be fair, I don’t have a gang up about dating escorts at all, and I have met some really nice ladies working as escorts. At the moment, I am living in Belvedere in London and I really enjoy the company of Belvedere escorts of All of the girls are very sexy, and they are a lot of fun to be with as well. It does not seem to matter if you are looking for some fun behind closed doors, or a dinner date, the girls are always happy to meet up with you.


Belvedere escorts service is one of the smaller agencies in South London. Before I started to use the agency, I was kind of hooked on larger escort’s agencies in London. I thought that they had more girls and that would lead to more fun. But, to be fair, I think that many of the smaller escort’s services in London do a better job than the larger ones. Like I said to some of my friends, you get a much more personal service from smaller escort’s agencies.


The girls at Belvedere escorts are a lot more personal than other girls that I have met. They seem to remember small personal details about you, and that is something that I really appreciate. I know that you can go on duo dates and stuff like that, but that does not really interest me at all. One on one dating is what I am really into and I cannot see that changing in the near future. Some gents really do like adventurous dating styles, but I like to get adventurous with the hot girls at Belvedere escort services instead.


Another thing that I like about the Belvedere escorts service is that the agency do not go through tons of different girls. I used to use this elite agency in central London, and they always had new girls. In the end, I did not feel that good about using the agency. I much rather prefer to meet up with the same escorts all of the time. You start to form a relationship and you feel that you have something in common. That is much more important to me than meeting a new exciting girl all of the time.


Do I have a girl that I like to see more of than others at Belvedere escorts service? I do have this particular girl that I like to see a lot of when I have plenty of spare time. She is a blonde who can truly set your world on fire. Unlike other escorts that I have met on my dating adventures, she is one of these girls who make each experience unique. I totally adore her and I love spending time with her. In many ways, it feels like she can read my mind and knows exactly what I am after. On top of that, she can get a little wild and crazy from time to time. Just what you expect from a top escort.


I am going on holiday with my gent

Going on holiday, or taking a vacation, with a gent is something that I don’t normally do. The first time I was asked, I turned the gent down as I did not know him that well. We had only met about five times at London escorts, and I as not entirely happy. I felt like I was letting the guy down, but at the same time, I knew that I was doing the right thing. Had I gone, I could have ended up in a lot trouble. So, I followed the advice of all of my girlfriends at London escorts and did not go.

This time, I know the gent really well. We have been dating for about a year now, and he is one of my London escorts regulars. It helps that we get on really well, and have a lot of fun together, but I am still being cautious. For instance, I have made sure that all of the airline tickets are in my name should anything happen. Getting back from the United States is not exactly cheap, but so far everything is looking good, and my boss at London escorts is happy with everything as well.

Going on a holiday with a gent is a bit like making a business arrangement. I could do it myself, but I always leave it up to my boss at the London escort service that I work for. It feels better that way, and if something were to go wrong, I knew that I could always get him involved. The trio sounds pretty exciting, and I think that the main reason my date is asking me along, is to help at a business function during our stay in Los Angeles. That is fine by me, and I don’t worry about it at all. It is the first time a girl from our London escorts service has travelled to attend a business function in the States.

In general, I do think that you have to be very careful when a gent asks you to travel with him abroad. A couple of the girls who work for a rival London escorts service have ended up on hedonistic holidays, and there is no way that I would like to do that at all. You should always find out as much as possible about the holiday, and you should also ask if someone else is going to be there. Is your gent bringing his friends?

Taking a girl from a London escorts service is still a little bit unusual, but I think that it will be become more popular. Many of the gents that I meet up with on a regular basis are single, and most of them don’t have anybody to take on holiday. That is just one of the many reasons why more gents ask their London escorts to join them on a holiday. My gent is also going to take me shopping before we go off on holiday. That will be really nice, and I will admit to looking forward to a nice new wardrobe. I will just have to make the most of it, and it will be great fun to explore Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, I am insisting on going to Disneyland with my date. He has promised to take me.

Getting A Little Local Color

Harold was tired after his long day in the city. He opened the door to his hotel room, threw his briefcase down and fixed himself a nice cold gin and tonic. He glanced out his window thinking about how he finally would be able to experience a little bit of the nightlife while he was in town. He had been swamped with business meetings and trying to prepare for some new client briefings but now it was time to relax. Naturally his mind drifted to his favorite method of passing time pleasantly and he reached for his phone to obtain the number of the escort service a buddy had recommended he try.

He retrieved the number and called to schedule his escort. He provided his address and then when asked about his preferences he paused. He usually liked blondes and the occasional redhead. He knew however that he was in a city that was predominantly black. He had never had a black girl before but the same friend who had recommended this service had also mentioned the “sweet little sister” who had him going all night long. Harold had been intrigued upon hearing his friend recount the adventures and decided to change it up for the night. He had nothing to lose and who knows? Maybe he might find that he should’ve tried a black girl a long time ago.

He waited with his drink imagining what the lady would look like. He had showered, dimmed the lights, and was waiting in his casual linen pants and cool shirt when he heard a knock at his door. He opened it to see a most delicious looking woman, buxom, curvy, and with dark brown skin that reminded him of some sweet chocolate. He said, “You must be Kendra”, as he ushered her in. “Yes, and you are?” “Harold, it’s a pleasure to meet you”, she said in a silky-smooth voice. He couldn’t take his eyes off her body which she knew well how to accentuate. She was wearing a slinky skin tight dress that had a deep v-neckline and hit just above her knees. The fabric was taut against her full curves, and it appeared she wore no underwear. Her breasts were billowy and he could make out the large shape of her nipples through the fabric. As she strutted past him to the sofa, he watched her ample ass sway and bounce slightly with every step. He was fascinated by her highly charged sexy body and could feel himself getting hard as he imagined kneading the flesh of her ass and boobs.

They got to know each other a little and before long, he was peeling her dress off her and taking pleasure in her dark skin. He began biting into her breasts, sucking on the huge nipples while he fondled her big shapely ass. Soon she was on her knees and deep throating him with a voraciousness he had never known. She was an expert at oral pleasure and he realized that his friend was right, black women can suck cock like no other! She slurped and sucked until he had to stop her. He wanted some of that black pussy and she was more than happy to comply. She was wet, very wet and mounted him like she was ready to ride him until the finish line. And she did exactly that. She was warm and slick, her pussy gripped his cock as she moved and undulated her hips skillfully and with great eagerness. She rode him fast, slow, and deep and knew how to move her ass so that he couldn’t hold out for long. He came as she groaned and whispered lewd words in his ear. Kendra was one of the hottest escorts he had ever had and he knew he wanted more as soon as he had come. He made a mental note to buy his friend a drink as a token of his thanks for the tip about black women, and then nestled his face in between Kendra’s breasts, slapping her ass and let her know he was going to need her for a little longer than he had initially planned…

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